Identity Policies

Summit LDS Closing and Escrow LLC. adheres to strict standards for the identification of all parties in the real estate transaction. We comply with the Patriot Act, Notary Public requirements and all applicable Federal laws requiring financial institutions to obtain, verify and record information for identification purposes.

Summit LDS Closing and Escrow LLC. will protect the identify of all parties. The information requested for identification is preserved in such a manner as to comply with all confidentiality requirements standard throughout the industry.

Therefore, in compliance with the law and in consideration of protecting the identify of our customers, at the time of closing, Summit LDS Closing and Escrow LLC. will require, from each primary party to the transaction, the following:

  1. A current picture ID; current driver's license, current state/ foreign identification card, current military ID, resident alien card, U.S./Foreign Passport, etc.
  2. One form of ID (no photo required); social security card, birth certificate, insurance card bearing social security number or employment ID with employee number.
  3. Acknowledgment and Completion of the Summit LDS Closing and Escrow LLC. Notice of Disclosure, as well as any identification requirements set forth by any lender in the transaction. The Summit LDS Notice of Disclosure requires a thumb print for each party identified on the form and is not considered to be completed until the thumb print is affixed.

Summit LDS Closing and Escrow LLC. will refuse to conduct any closing where the parties, when requested, fail or refuse to provide the information for identification cited in numbers 1 through 3 above.


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