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At Summit LDS Closing and Escrow LLC real estate title and closing services, we pride ourselves on providing service at the highest level of customer care. With our local staff in the Milwaukee area and through a network of experienced closers throughout the State of Wisconsin, we are able to accommodate the customer almost any time and in any place.

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Serving the Entire State of Wisconsin

Serving the Entire State of WI SummitLDS

Our Team

When working with Summit LDS Closing and Escrow you will be assigned one closer who will be your constant point of contact during the transaction from beginning to end. They are not only concerned with your closing experience, they are also experienced to offer assistance to resolve problems should they arise during the title search process. Our examiners and searchers have completed the certification courses offered by the Wisconsin Land Title Association. They have all types of experience in title search and examination, both residential and commercial. With relationships in each of the 72 counties of Wisconsin, we provide fast, accurate title commitment for your real estate transaction.

The Three Benchmarks of Performance for Summit LDS Closing and Escrow are:


Accurate title commitments delivered in a timely manner.


Flexible, informative closings at the convenience of the customer.


Title policies issued within 30 days of document recording.

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